About ANS Flexi Gold
  • What is ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold?
    FlexiGold at ANS Dhivyam is an online platform to buy 22K gold at the price of your wish starting from Rs. 100. You can exchange your FlexiGold for a physical jewel of your choice or a Gold Coin from our catalogue for an equivalent of the saved gold.
  • What carat of gold can I purchase in FlexiGold?
    ANS Dhivyam currently sells 22-karat gold through FlexiGold, which is stored in a secure vault in your account. It is a convenient way to grow your savings since you can always keep an eye on the 22-karat gold rate in the market, which makes it easier for you to make a quick decision.
  • Who can purchase ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold?
    Any citizen of India with a valid PAN Card can buy ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold. Non Resident Indians cannot make any kind of transaction for ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold.
  • What is the limitations to buy ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold?
    You can make a purchase for as little as Rs. 100 up to a maximum of an unlimited amount. Kindly note that you need to verify your KYC and PAN card to be eligible.
  • Where is my FlexiGold stored? And is it in a safe place?
    Every gram of gold is safely stored in a confidential, individual vault that will protect it from any threat or theft. FlexiGold at ANS Dhivyam is completely safe for all your savings.
  • How to buy ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold?
    • Open the ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold website and log in to your account. If you are a new user, please create an account before proceeding further.
    • Click the "Buy" button on the website and enter the INR amount you’d like to purchase the gold for.
    • Now, select the available payment method you prefer for the transaction.
    • Select "Pay" to confirm your amount.
    • You will soon be notified for your successful transaction.
  • After purchasing the gold, can I cancel it anytime?
    Once the transaction is processed successfully, it is not applicable to cancel it. However, your purchased gold can be redeemed in the form of Gold Coins/ Gold Jewelry of your liking.
  • What happens if my transaction fails during the purchase of gold?
    If any failed transaction occurs, the amount will be credited back to your bank account within 5 working days. That is only if the amount was debited without any reflection of gold added to your account.
  • What will happen to my gold in the event of my demise?
    In any unfortunate event like the demise of the account holder, their account will be closed, and all the accumulated gold in the vault will be handed down as physical gold to their legal heir.
  • How can I exchange my gold to Jewellery?
    You can look through our catalogue and select the jewel that corresponds to the amount of gold you have stored in your vault. You have the option of purchasing online or visiting our store and picking it up in person.
  • Do these prices include GST?
    es, for every gram your purchase and for every transaction you make, GST will be added accordingly.
  • Are there any additional charges for my jewels?
    When you exchange your gold to any jewel, you will be entitled of all the charges like minting or making charges, delivery charge, wastage charge, GST and other applicable charges.
  • What will happen to my gold if I close or deactivate my FlexiGold account?
    If you decide to close or deactivate your FlexiGold account, the gold accumulated in your account will be delivered to your registered address in the form of Gold coins.
  • How do I contact ANS Dhivyam regarding the concerns I have for FlexiGold?
    For any queries and concerns regarding the ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold, kindly feel at ease to reach us out by mail customersupport@ansdhivyam.com or on call at +91 9585518536 (Timings: 09.30 A.M to 8.00 P.M (IST- Indian Standard Time)).