Jun 24, 2024
Rs. 6725/g
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ANS Dhivyam Flexi Gold
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Small savings, big returns. Gold is considered to be one of the safest means of saving. While physical gold is the first option that comes to mind, FlexiGold is an online platform that provides the same benefits as physical gold but with additional benefits. Your gold is safe and secure from theft or loss, and you can start purchasing with just Rs 100 and accumulate gold worth that amount in your online vault.

FlexiGold at ANS Dhivyam Jewels is the 100% safest method of purchasing in gold, which is assured to grow over time. This hassle-free purchasing is the next big thing in the coming days.


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ANS Dhivyam
Flexi Gold

₹ 6725/ gram

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₹ 6725/ gram

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ANS Dhivyam FlexiGold is a guaranteed strategy for buying or exchanging gold for 22K via an online medium at anytime, anywhere.

You can either purchase or exchange your total accumulated gold for any physical jewel at its corresponding value at the existing exchange rate at the time of your purchase.

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100% safety assured

Your FlexiGold is kept in a vault that is safe and secure at all times. No worries of threat or theft, and you’re only rest assured.

Flexible and convenient

You are given the utmost liberty to buy 22K gold as much as you want or exchange it as per your wish with the available gold in your vault.

Delivery at your doorstep

If you decide to buy physical Jewellery for the saved gold in your vault, you can check for the equivalent price in our catalogue and order online to get it delivered straight to your home.

916 Hallmark certified

For any gram of 22K gold purchased through FlexiGold, it comes with a 916 Hallmark certificate.

Start from Rs. 100

Unlike physical gold, FlexiGold doesn’t require much. Begin with Rs. 100 in your account to see your savings glow over time.

Commitment to our Promise

Quality and genuineness are trademarks of ANS Dhivyam Jewels. We never compromise in these aspects whatsoever.


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